Andy White Web Works


Take your design and turn it into top notch (HTML5/CSS) web pages.

  • Make it easier for you to update your own web site.
  • Consult on options for setting up an advanced web application such as a portal or an online store.
  • Consult on how to get your web site hosted.


I have a thorough background in web client programming (HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery), the web protocol (http), web services (REST, SOAP) and on server scripting (PHP, ASP.NET, JSP / Servlet). I have a few years experience running web hosting, so I know web development and deployment from every angle.

Typically my solutions utilize a database (noSql, MySQL, SQL Server) from which dynamic content is collected.

Languages: Java, XML, HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSON, SQL, PHP, C#, XSLT, XML Schema
Databases: noSql (dcDB), MUMPS (GT.M), SQL Server, MySQL
Servers: Java, Apache, Microsoft IIS Web Server


I work on web sites, web portals and other specialized web applications. The best way to contract my services is through designCraft .


Email me .